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Nissan Stagea History
Stagea HistoryThe Nissan Stagea is a station wagon Originally produced by Nissan in 1996 as direct competition for the Subaru Legacy Touring wagon in the Japanese Domestic Market.

There are 3 different versions of the Stagea, Series 1 (1996 to late 1998), Series 2 (late 1998 to 2001) and the M35 (2001 to current).

Series 1 (1996 to late 1998) came in 2l, 2.0l and 2.5l turbo engine choices (all RB series engines). It also has 2WD and 4WD variants. The 4WD system is similar in operation to the Nissan Skyline GTR. Engine power ranges from 114 kW in the 2l to 172 kW in the 2.5l turbo. The Series 1 is only availble in 4 speed auto.

Frame: E-WGNC34
Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 4800 x 1755 x 1495 mm
Interior dimensions (LxWxH): 1900 x 1425 x 1155 mm
Wheel base: 2720 mm
Treads (F/R): 1460 / 1515 mm
Ground clearance: 145 mm
Curb vehicle weight: 1620 kg

Since the beginning of production this model had body type Wagon.

GH-M35, GH-NM35Oct 2002
GH-M35, GH-NM35, GH-HM35Oct 2001
GF-WHC34, GF-WGC34, GF-WGNC34Apr 2001
GF-WHC34, GF-WGC34, GF-WGNC34Jun 2000
GF-WHC34, GF-WGC34, GF-WGNC34Aug 1998
E-WHC34, E-WGNC34Nov 1997
E-WHC34, E-WGC34, E-WGNC34Aug 1997
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